Cooking with Luv represents quality recipes that connect others to the flavors they are used to enjoying. Plant Based With Luv wants to prove that following Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide can be fun and leaves room for creativity. Plus, these ingredients are alkalizing for your body, decreasing risk of disease and illness.  Whether you are new in the kitchen or you chef it up daily, there are recipes in Cooking with Luv for you!


Table of Contents : Dairy Free, Nut Free, Soy Free

3.  Introduction

6. Grand Slam Breakfast

8. Blueberry Pancakes

10. Spelt-Meal (No Oats)

13. Baked Mac & Yes Please

15. Sweet Butta - Not Yams

17. Fried Oyster Mushroom

19. Fall Style Chili

21. Layered Acorn Squash

24. Peach Cobbler

26. Chewy Spice Date Cookies

28. Sauces/Milk Reference 

Cooking with Luv E-book