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Zen Flow 24


"Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water" - Bruce Lee


Welcome to Zen Flow 24, our official Tai Chi Program! Meditate in motion while learning the 24 unique martial art movements of the internationally recognized Tai Chi 24 Form! In this program, you will learn meditative breathing, Tai Chi philosophy and fundamentals, and a beautiful Tai Chi flow sequence. You will also earn your very own spirit animal as a symbol of your warrior status!


If you would like, you will even have the chance to perform the sequence alongside other passionate students within your graduating class just like in the video above!


The journey officially begins on Sunday, February 28th with our regularly scheduled Tai Chi classes, but you can join us any time! All memberships, class sets, and single sessions grant you access to these classes! And no worries if you miss a class, you'll have another chance to learn what you missed throughout the length of the program :)


We can't wait for you to learn this amazing practice and become like water! Check out the program schedule below and sign up for classes!

Zen Flow 24 Calendar
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