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atl kula was founded by husband and wife Corey and Kiara Johnson in 2019. With the power of nature and community at its center, they created the vision for atl kula to be a special place for everyone to come together for a common purpose of living our best lives, lifting up our neighbor, and having some fun along the way. With hopes that each person to come through atl kula’s door leaves even better than before, may your journey with us be fulfilling and fruitful!

Our Practices


An entire world of practices awaits to be discovered here at atl kula! We have gathered a collection of unique practices from across the globe under one roof, with each practice offering its own targeted benefits. Find one you love or indulge in all of them for a truly holistic wellness experience!

See our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more on studio life at kula!

Yoga, meaning union, is a mind-body practice that originated thousands of years ago in ancient India and parts of Africa. The types of yoga range from meditative, restorative practices to active breath-to-movement power sequences. Yoga is the perfect practice for calming the mind, breathing, strengthening the body, and more!

Founded in England, barre is an exercise system developed by Lotte Berk that utilizes targeted movements derived from ballet often combined with elements of cardio, Pilates, and yoga. Barre focuses on small isometric movements that build strength and tone muscles with an emphasis on the lower body!  

An exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates originating in Germany, Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and increases coordination. It teaches you to move better so the benefits are felt in everyday life. Each exercise focuses on the breath, proper form, and efficient movement practices. At kula, we focus on mat Pilates classes, incorporating Joseph Pilates’ most classic work!

Tai Chi is a philosophy that seeks to find balance in all things, encouraging those who practice it to remain mindful and open to all that life has to offer. The Chinese martial art of tai chi chuan, or Taijiquan, is the expression of tai chi principles through the use of the physical body. Taijiquan can be practiced as a slow, graceful exercise for health maintenance and longevity, or studied as a traditional martial art, equally emphasizing fast-paced, explosive combat along with softer movements. 


Take our Tai Chi classes at your leisure or enroll in our amazing Zen Flow 24 Program (click to learn more!)

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