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welcome to kula care!

kula care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to give every family hope and freedom to live a healthier life. Our mission: "to transform families and lives by creating spaces and providing resources that foster true wellbeing."

about kula care

The Kula Care Foundation’s mission is to transform families and lives by creating spaces and providing resources that foster true wellbeing. It is the vision of this organization to give every family hope and freedom to live a healthier life.

The idea behind creating space is one that is dear to the Founder Corey M. Johnson who seeks to make new worlds where people can be the best version of themselves.

“Everything that we engage with whether it be a downtown skyscraper, computer software, housing development, or restaurant was once an idea in someone’s head that goes on to shape us. We have the power to create entirely new ways of living that ultimately improve our own health and wellness naturally - between mind body practices, community gardens, tiny home communities, community-based sustainable practices, the possibilities are limitless.”

- Corey M. Johnson

The foundation of society starts with the family unit and the Kula Care Foundation seeks to address the major challenges families face including health issues, financial pressures, and housing.

. . .

The Kula Care Foundation is passionately committed to combating poor physical and mental health, disease, and poverty for low-income families. The direct issues we're targeting in pursuit of our objectives are stress, food deserts, and lack of affordable housing.



The Issue:

A total of 8.7% of adults with income below the federal poverty level had serious psychological distress, compared with 1.2% of adults with incomes at or above 400% of the poverty level (Figure 2). Read more: Stress

Plan of Action:

Provide wellness classes and workshops including mind-body practices, education and knowledge sharing, and distribution of all-natural products to help residents in low-income areas develop healthy habits and practices as tools to combat present hardships.


Food Deserts

The Issue:

Low-income low-access (LILA) neighborhoods are areas where residents lack opportunities to access fresh food within a half-mile of their homes (see Table 1). In Atlanta in 2015, almost half of residents lived in an area characterized as LILA . Read more: Food Deserts

Plan of Action:

Build community gardens that can be utilized as a healthy food source and symbolize progress towards living a more free, self-sustaining life.


Affordable Housing

The Issue:

From 2015 to 2017, Atlanta’s eviction rate was 5.7% — the third-worst rate in the nation. In some predominantly Black neighborhoods, including in Southwest Atlanta, nearly 40% of renters had received eviction notices in recent years, according to an analysis from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Landlords have used eviction notices to intimidate tenants they disfavor, say, housing advocates. While these notices may not result in removal, they can still disrupt the residents’ lives and negatively affect their work, credit scores, educations, and mental health. Read more: Affordable Housing

Plan of Action:

Expose low-income communities to alternative living via tiny home displays and workshops, and eventually, access to tiny home communities at affordable pricing.


wellness wednesdays

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS are free community classes held throughout the year. Here, you will be able to experience yoga, Pilates, barre, and tai chi. Want to get involved? Here are three ways you can get in on the fun, make an impact in the community, and Wellness Wednesday YOUR Way!

our sponsors


01 Became A Sponsor

Are you or your place of business seeking to foster a community of wellness and have a little fun while you're at it? Sponsoring a class is the perfect team outing and a great way for your company to get involved and give back to the community!

02 Community Goals & Bonus Themes

Who doesn't love a good theme?! For the months of April, June, and August, the themes are on US, but for the months of May, July, and September, there will be an opportunity for a bonus theme chosen by YOU! All you have to do is make a minimum donation of $10 to Wellness Wednesdays and send an email to with your idea to get the chance to bring your theme to a park near you! Bonus themes will only happen if the community fundraiser goal is met for these months, so be sure to enlist your entire kula of friends and family to help reach the goal and spam your theme idea! 

03 Wellness Giver 

Wellness Wednesdays are FREE community classes, but if you have it in your heart to give, you now have the option to make a one-time or monthly recurring donation of any amount to go toward kula care's mission and make a difference in peoples' lives!

wellness wednesdays
in the community

kula in the community day

Kula is coming to a community near you on Saturday, October 15th for a day of ALL things wellness! Get ready for an empowering community day filled with hope and freedom as we experience wellness classes and workshops on how to build your own gardens and tiny homes. This day will also feature special guest speakers and influencers within the wellness space, as well as vendor opportunities for local small businesses. But that's not all! To celebrate, we will officially commemorate and hike the Kula Care Foundation Nature Trail in Trammel Crow Park to continuously encourage healthy living, outside exploration, and to serve as a reminder of the Kula Care’s mission!

CALLING ALL VENDORS: If your organization is interested in being featured at this event, you can join us as a vendor or partner with your sponsorship of $150.  All vendors will be given a designated section to bring tables, tents, and any applicable merchandise for the day of the event!

Whether you are an educational institution, business, or organization, we believe in bringing wellness to all! Though we have already partnered with a number of universities and businesses for private events, you can help us extend our efforts to those underprivileged and disenfranchised groups that otherwise would not have access to what our studio has to offer!

become an event sponsor!

tribute pond

the tribute pond


There is a Chinese proverb that goes “The carp has leaped through the dragon’s gate.”


One of the primary reasons the koi fish is symbolic in Japanese and Chinese culture is because it is known for swimming upstream no matter what the conditions are. These fish are even said to swim up waterfalls. This is viewed as an absolute show of resilient power because they will continue to swim upstream as if on a mission. They cannot be distracted or deterred by anything. According to legend, if a koi fish succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon.

Donors will have their names featured in a designated area on our pond based on the tier levels below. Click "learn more" for more information on each donor tier level!


($100 - $999)


Like the koi, you are someone who believes in strength in numbers and the power of community! It takes a village, after all!


($1,000 - $9,999)


Like the earth element, solid and steadfast, you are someone who believes that a strong foundation is the key to success!




Like the dragon, auspicious and kind, you are someone who believes that hard work + a little good fortune and favor goes a long way!

get involved

To get involved, you can volunteer with us at a local event or donate to our mission! Email us at for more information on how to get involved!

get involved
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